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Person Hunters

HR - Generalist

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Работодатель: Person Hunters (3 вакансии)

улица Мирзо Улугбека, дом 73

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HR - Generalist


- Education: University diploma - Law;
- Experience: 5 years of work experience in human resources and law;
- Language skills: English & Russian & Uzbek - Fluent;
- IT - skills: PC basics, MS Office;
- Positive law regulations (Labor law, General collective economy agreement, Law for mobbing protection etc.);
- Recruitment and selection principles.


- Responsible for organization, monitoring and control of all administrative-technical activities related to the personnel records of the employees, registration / termination in appropriate institutions, as well as care and orderly conduct of the personal files of all employees;
- Responsible for organization, managing and implementation of processes procedures and practices from human resources area in the company;
- Responsible for following and conducting the positive law regulations of R.M.;
- Prepares and calculates employee’s sick leaves on a monthly basis;
- Responsible for the adherence and compliance of the legislations within its own work;
- Responsible for applicating the measures for working health and safety;
- Responsible for complete, accurate and timely execution of all the work activities;
- Responsible for informing the Managing Director for every issue that appeared on the work place;
- Responsible for the confidentiality of the information;
- Responsible for the tools and the office equipment used in the work operations;
- Responsible for following the Ethical codex of behavior in the company;
- Responsible for following the Rulebook of order and discipline in the company.

Условия работы:

- Working schedule: 6/1;
- Social package;
- Office in Sergeli district;
- Mobile connection;
- Salary will be discussed according to candidates preferences.
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