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Person Hunters


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Работодатель: Person Hunters (16 вакансий)

ул. Тамара Ханум, дом 20

Крупное Иностранное предприятие в поисках Юриста


Qualification: LLB/LLM, PQE not less than 5 years, Certificates are welcomed (AML/STF Local Equivalents on Corporate Lawyer)

Hard/Soft skills: Strong Legal Writing, PC/Legal Database (LEX UZ. NORMA, PRAVO), Integrity, Planning & Time Management, Prioritizing the Tasks, Stress Tolerance, Tenacity, Risk Taking, Decisiveness, Persuasiveness, Team Work, Self Confidence, Independence.


ExIm/Local Contracts/SOPs/Corporate Orders Review, Revise & Vetting

• Drafting & Taking a Part in the Development of Legal Documents (Opinions, Letters, Notes, SOPs, Claims & etc.) with Peer Departments (Commercial Team, HR, Accounting, Procurements/Sales)

• Taking a Part in Court Cases/Hearing to Protect the Interest of Company, if any, Closing of Contracts/Agreements

• Preparation Documents/Reports on Cases/Matters/Issues Involved by Legal Team in Timely & Professional Manner Per HQ/Management Request, including by Peers Ones Offices at Sites, if any.

• Guide & Advise the External/Internal Clients of Legal Team, Proper Monitoring Execution of Documents under Advice/Guidance Rendered

• Legal Notes/Alerts/Reports to Peers/Management/Legal Head on Development of Legislation that Impacts to the Business of Company in the Market.

• Maintain/Support/Help to Peers/Legal Team Members, among others, in Resolving & Tackling Issues Faced in Via Correspondence and in Other Format with Clients/Vendors/(Local)Authorities in Need to Know Basis

Условия работы:

5/2 working week
salary is negotiatable
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